Since eggs are a necessity in every kitchen, why not utilize them for your hair?  They are a natural and CHEAPER commodity as compared to any commercial hair fortifier, serum or conditioner. 

The vitamins in eggs help build oxygen and increase blood flow in the scalp, this in return reduces breakage and makes the roots of your hair stronger.

The protein content of raw eggs can help strengthen hair follicles.  In addition, it works like a conditioner leaving hair shiny and voluminous.  Eggs leave hair feeling silky and improves brittleness and strength. 

Eggs contain a high amount of vitamin A and fatty acids.  Vitamin A increases production of the scalp’s natural oils, which reduces dryness in the hair and the scalp.  The fatty acids in egg yolk fights dandruff, flaky scalp and psoriasis by improving the skin structure of the scalp. 

Check out how I use Eggs in my natural hair

xoxo -Kendra