Hey Friends,

So I tried out Hair Paint Wax on my natural hair and I was quite impressed. This product is a temporary water based coloring solution for those that want to try a new hair color without bleaching or dyeing their hair.

I tried this product out to see how close I could get it to my previous hair color.  Right now my color is very dull and muddy looking.  I recently worked with a brand on a project and they needed my hair to be black so we put a black rinse over my color.  Each time I wash my hair the rinse will fade out.  Instead of bleaching my hair again I’ve decided to let the rinse fade as much as possible before I decide on my next hair color move.

I purchased these products for $6.99 a piece and paid $7.00 for shipping.  Both colors are extremely creamy and thick and have a perfumed smell.  I loved the smell, it wasn’t too overwhelming and it left my hair smelling so good.  Those that are sensitive to smells may find the smell to be too strong.

One thing to note is that the product is very thick.  It did weigh my curls down so they weren’t as springy as they usually are.  To fix that you can add more water to your hair to thin out the product a bit but in turn you may lose some color pigmentation.

As naturals we tend to worry about ingredients so I took the liberty of listing all the ingredients for you.

water, carnauba wax,beeswax, white cetearyl alcohol, licorice & glycyrrhiza uralensis extract, tea extract, stearic acid, PVP/VA propionate copolymer, Castor oil, ethoxylated, titanium oxide

Now for the fun part!  After applying the colors and letting everything dry I did notice some flaking. Anytime I would touch my hair the color would flake off and eventually fall onto my clothing.  Although the flakes did not stain my clothes it was quite annoying and unfortunate.  At night I had to double up on bonnets to ensure I didn’t get any of the flakes in my bed.

The color did not dry out my hair but I’m not sure if the hold I was experiencing was due to the color or the product I used to do my wash and go so I’ll have to test that theory later.  I’d imagine the color could last as long as you want it to but for me I washed it out the same day to avoid dealing with the flakes.

I’ve experimented with many different temporary hair colors and they all have their pros and cons.  Just about all of them have transferred in one way or another so to say this product isn’t good because of the flaking would be inaccurate.  I loved the pigmentation and how creamy these colors are as well as how moisturizing they are.  I think these would be really fun for your summer festivals, or even photo/video shoots, just keep your fingers out of you hair 😬

Find Hair Paint Wax HERE ⬅️

To see my full demonstration check out the video below.

FEBRUARY 18, 2019

I decided to try the Hair Paint Wax on a twist-out and lawddd, my results were amazing.  Here’s how I did it.

  1. On a 1 week-old twist-out I saturated each section of my hair with water.  (Note: my hair was previously set using the Melanin Hair Care Twist Style Cream)
  2. I added the hair color one section at a time and worked it into my hair
  3. I applied a two-strand twist and let my hair dry
  4. before unraveling my twists I applied oil to my scalp as well as to my hands
  5. I unraveled my twist into very VERY small sections for volume

BOOM these were my results.
I am so happy with the end results and I must say that by adding the oil after the fact limited the amount of flakes I got.  I guess the oil really acted as a sealant.  I still got a few flakes but not as many as the first time.  My hair looks and feels very moisturized and shiny.  All in all, I like this method of adding the color much better as it gave me the color payoff, definition and volume I love and it looks so natural.

xoxo Kendra