Bantu Knots are probably high up on my list of favorite styles to do for a super curly look. If done right they will give so much definition and style to any look.  Below are a couple of tips to remember when doing your bantu knot out


Bantu Knots secured with Bob pins

1) use smaller sections- you will get smaller curls this way which means more definition.

2) do not 2 strand twist the hair first before twisting it into the bantu knot, doing that will give you a totally different curl pattern especially for hair that is short. Twisting the hair first makes it harder for your hair to take the form of the bantu knot, instead you’ll have a mixture of waves and spirals.
3) let your hair set for an adequate amount of time, this will ensure your hair is 100% dry and has more time to form the shape you have twisted it into.  I usually like to let mine sit for at least 24 hours which is why I tend to do them on the weekends. Bantu knots have the longest drying time out of all the styles I do because the hair is so tightly wrapped together.

4) TUCK THOSE ENDS- be very particular in this area, make sure your ends are moisturized and tucked well.  To keep my ends tucked I place a bobby pin at the root of each knot. This will ensure the knots do not un-ravel while drying. There’s nothing like doing all of that work and having your hair come out frizzy at the ends because you didn’t secure them properly.


Unraveled Bantu Knots

5) when un-raveling your knots, keep your hands coated with an oil to decrease frizz. The more you separate the more fullness and volume you will have. Be gentle when separating your knots to prevent frizz as well.


Follow these tips and your Bantu knots will yield beautiful results.

Watch how I obtain a Perfect Bantu Knot-out below

xoxo -Kendra